Domain Investing
Grow Your Business Online

A direct hit domain name (also known as a keyword domain name) is a simple, clear internet address which capitalizes on capturing leads from the exact terms that internet searchers type into Google (and Bing, etc) when they are looking for the specific type of services your business offers.  <more below following video>

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If you are considering buying a direct hit keyword domain name, you should first be asking yourself:

  • What’s the value of one new client to my business?
  • What’s the cost to acquire one new client?
  • What kind of potential income could a significant volume of new prospects each year provide for you?

This last question is not hype–it’s a real question to ask yourself.  Investing in putting a simple (but smart) website onto a direct hit keyword domain could direct a high volume of leads to your business, so you would need to be prepared to handle the process of converting new internet prospects into real, paying customers.

People search the internet for specific commercial concepts they need, not for company names.  So someone in need of an attorney in Miami Beach will type “Miami Beach Attorney” into Google (or Yahoo, etc).  So, as an example, we own, which we purchased because that direct keyword phrase gets over 10,000 searches per year (according to Google).

Acquiring new clients is very costly…unless you have an advantage over your competitors. Did you know that most likely way to potentially direct a high percentage those searches to you (instead of your competitors) is to own and develop the direct hit keyword domain name?

Online Thrive invests heavily in researching and buying domains like this and the seeks to sell them to businesses that understand the value of increased lead flow.  So, in our example, we’d be seeking an attorney in the Miami Beach area who wants to invest in their business by buying an internet domain that, if leveraged properly, can get them into the top search results on search engines like Google…quickly, with the right knowledge.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

There are many ways to grow your business–some costing a lot more than others.  The best use of your money is an investment that will keep paying off for years to come, rather than the typical one-off marketing transactions that most businesses try (costly annual yellow pages ads, expensive ongoing Google advertising and outdated direct mail tactics, to name a few).

How the Purchase and Transfer of a Domain Works

  1. OnlineThrive helps you to acquire the right domain that will help grow your business.
  2. We purchase and transfer the domain to you in a secure fashion (see below).
  3. Build a small (but intelligently search-optimized) website onto the domain.

The process is 100% secured by a 3rd party escrow service ( who holds funds until the domain is transferred into the name of your business.  Click to read more about the Secure Asset transfer services provided by

Then, all you have to do is process the leads that start to come in.  Contact Sales for more information at 773-270-1166 (or email