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OnlineThrive also buys websites that meet our specific criteria.  But even if your site does not necessarily meet our purchase criteria, we might still have a buyer for your site.  So if you have a website that you’d consider selling, please email sales@onlinethrive.com with your listing.

Requirements of any site we review (no exceptions):

  1. Verifiable proof of all traffic claims and financials of site
  2. Explanation of the challenges they may have encountered pursing this niche
  3. Significant (preferably years, but months will do) of operating / traffic data and trends

Purchase Preferences:

  1. Traffic is as valuable as income.  If you have a lot of unique visitors, but little monetization in place (yet), we’re interested.
  2. Site should have (or have potential for) almost complete automation already built in
  3. Have an automated means (or potential as such) of content generation (user content, etc)
  4. Have an automated means (or potential as such) of customer engagement (e.g. video, games, etc)
  5. Be setup (or able to be setup) such that we can outsource 90% of the non-automated stuff (support, etc)
  6. Be in an interesting (preferably professional) niche  - that can be shown to be growing in size
  7. Have a means to expand operations (buy building more similar sites, etc)
  8. Be a site type (and setup) that we can replicate in different niches
  9. Sites that have online / digital products (like a SaaS app) will be preferred types of sites
  10. Mobile considerations – either buying an apps or buying a web app that could be enhanced as mobile app

* If your company does not meet the requirements listed, we still may be able to find another buyer that would be interested in your website.  Please send us the details at: sales@onlinethrive.com

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Please contact us for more information. You can also email sales@OnlineThrive.com